Joy is jewel that's not completed yet.

Carola Sessa client service

What's important is knowing how to read the line. Always.

Valter Aracco client service

You never forget your first love; but my guitar, sometimes, I do.

Matteo De Donà client service

Catch the trade winds in my sails. Explore. Dream. Discover - Mark Twain

Loredana Ambrogi client service

I double myself with creativity!

Monica Barbalonga creative team

What is passion? For Someone, a real cross.

Pierfabio Iannuzzi creative team

Run to win

Carlo Bentivoglio client service

Passion is inspiration, freedom, time

Enrica Gloria Serpi client service

I Pick Up naturalmente. Cowgirl, so' sposato! Una barba...

Roberto Ferrero client service


Piero Reinerio management

My passion is my life.

Giovanna Pinna client service

My passion? Create with pen…. and pan!

Chiara Demichelis creative team

My passion: iTech

Corrado Pino Information Technology

Stumbling into moments of happiness in your heels!

Monica Pirocca creative team

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