Gruppo Armando Testa



A change of face for the kitchen with Esselunga. Supported by Armando Testa creativity, in outdoor, web and radio.   


Esselunga  is launching a new promotion running from 31 January to 5 May - “The Kitchen changes face"  where all customers can collect exclusive Alessi non-stick pans. For every 25 euro spent and/or 50 Punti Fragola everyone who holds Loyalty card will receive a stamp which entitles them to one of the pans in the Dressed line, which are entirely produced in Italy. Alessi  guarantees the quality of the pans and the care taken with the smallest details. The collection of Dressed pans was created  by  Marcel Wanders, a Dutch designer of international fame. Esselunga reaffirms its care and attention for cooking with a series of initiatives linked to this promotion: in more detail, the reputable magazine "La Cucina Italiana" (Italian Cooking) has developed a special site for the project dedicated to all its readers.  It is  full of tips, information sheets, and recipes  created specially for this cooperative venture which can be seen on the link In addition, a professional chef will be making a special appearance in some Esselunga stores, to meet customers involving them in series of live demonstrations, showing some quick recipes and describing how and when to use the Dressed non-stick pans. The calendar of the meetings will be available on the site and in Esselunga supermarkets. Supported by the Armando Testa campaign, with media planning by Media Italia in outdoor, web and radio.

Source: Daily Media