WWF, J-AX and Armando Testa for #SAVEFLAMING
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WWF, J-AX and Armando Testa for #SAVEFLAMING

Why J-Ax is dining with an inflatable flamingo? The answer is #saveflamingo, the ironic viral awarness campaign created by Armando Testa for WWF Italia to protect pink flamingos’s habitat, trendsetter of summer 2017.

Our country hosts 20,000 pairs of pink flamingo, but sadly, almost 50% of their habitats are going to disappear forever due to man's action. WWF Oasis has always been a safe haven for them, a delicate ecosystem that needs protection.

With this goal, WWF Italia and TDH - Testa Digital Hub (the Armando Testa Group's Innovation Unit) have created a spot that aim on irony and viral content to raise awareness among the general public about the need to defend the "flamingo’s" home.

The spot was created under the creative direction of Jacopo Morini, composed by Fabiano Pagliara, Marco Abbro and Francesca Romaldo. The director is Jacopo Morini and the production by DIAVIVA. Pink Flamingo soundtrack and music are by Jacopo Morini, Marco Abbro, Fabiano Pagliara with the arrangement of Antonio Brugnano.

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